Fire Rated Doors: Best Advice for Superior Protection

Fire Rated Doors: Best Advice for Superior Protection

Many people don’t know, but for the last 18 months, we’ve been producing fire rated doors. Sefina is a huge advocate of practicality and appealing design in all of our craftsmanship produced today. You can get the best in safety and quality with fire ratings of anywhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours. We guarantee that all doors are certified (WH-ETL), meet NFPA 80 standards and comply with code.

Both residential and workplace buildings contain valuable belongings that we would prefer to keep in good condition. At the same time, the people occupying these buildings should feel secure by knowing that these spaces were built especially with their safety in mind.

When a sudden fire incident occurs in a building, those inside have a limited window of time to vacate. This is why many modern advances have been innovated to increase the time it takes for flames to spread inside a building. Even when accidents like fires occur, quality-built equipment can save lives, belongings and property. Technology today has come a long way, and we’re proud to offer the best in modern protection.

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Fire rated doors are an exceptional asset for any building and one of the best ways to protect the things inside. They’re recognized as a highly viable method of ensuring structural integrity is maintained against fires. In fact, they’re one of the first methods recommended to strengthen building safety. Sefina offers the highest quality fire rated doors that are certified and evaluated for either national or international standards.

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The Value of Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors are an essential part of a passive fire protection system. They greatly help reduce the spread of fire and contain harmful smoke and toxic gases. Their fire rating indicates the amount of time that the spread of fire is delayed. Even a few extra minutes can allow workers and residents to safely escape. The Warnock Hersey Mark (WH-ETL), brandished on all of our fire rated doors, is the leading product safety and performance mark in North America.

They’re recognized as a highly viable method of ensuring structural integrity is maintained against fires. Professionally and properly installed doors can resist the destruction of fire for a minimum of 20 minutes. Field labelling (certifying doors being installed on-site) is always performed by an accredited body that is qualified and knowledgeable enough to conduct a proper inspection. This assures that proper labelling and indications are met.

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Fire resistance ratings comply with official national or international fire regulations. The rating helps to indicate the amount of time that a door can delay the onset of fires. The strength of the doors is also paired with designs built for quick and easy evacuation. This means that smoke and fumes are contained while people can easily exit the building.

Fire rated doors also act as a bonus soundproofing agent. The thickness acoustically insulates spaces such as louder utility rooms. Although not an asset in the case of an emergency, this added bonus is appealing for buildings that are susceptible to increased levels of noise.

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Choosing your Fire Rated Door

We take the health of our clients very seriously. Each door is built to very exacting standards to guarantee maximum protection from incidents. The fire resistance you require is always achievable by our team. We ensure that testing, certifications and labelling align with regulatory requirements.

All doors we produce are custom-made in-house by our team of experts. Each installation is professionally assessed beforehand and properly integrated to be building-specific. We can cater doors to any city, state or county fire protocol regulations, as they vary.

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Contact us for any inquiries and orders. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re available to help with assessing the needs your building has to produce the fire rated door that’s best for you or your business. Our doors are built to last and cater to the specs of any client. Our craftsmanship is world-renowned and backed by hundreds of satisfied customers. Reach out to us today!

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